80x80 cm....and medium sizes

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Dsc 0826




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  • 1. Sue | 23/07/2016
Dear Mr Cambier
Please inform me where I can purchase prints of your wonderful artwork. I gave only recently been introduced to your art and it is wonderful . Unfortunately I am unable to afford an original piece of art, so I have been searching for possible prints I can purchase. If there is any website I can access your artwork I would be very happy to hear of it.
Thank you for your wonderful art and I hope I will hear from you or anyone that can assist me.
Kind regard
Sue x
  • jocecharles (link) | 24/07/2016
thank for your kind visit on my website Sue I'll reply you in privat through e mail....ch.c
  • 2. jeanjean | 28/02/2014

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